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Xfire - Gaming Simplified

|*|D.o.C BF:BC2 SERVER|*|



New |*|D.o.C|*| Members ! You will be required to have XFiRE and Teamspeak3 in order to join the clan. If you do not have a mic for Teamspeak3 then that is ok download Teamspeak3 anyways so you may be able to hear us speak to you in game, and later on you may purchase a good mic at Walmart for no more then $10.00 or simply go to and get the hook up there, whatever floats your boat.

1.) Get Teamspeak3 @ and download the FREE client programs for windows operating system. Then you will be givin' an IP address, username and password to enter our Ventrilo. In Ventrilo you will not have to put your new clan tags with a space followed by your username it will be put in automatically for you when you are given a username and password.

2.) Get XFiRE, if you do not have XFiRE then get it at and download it for FREE follow the steps in creating a username and password for your XFiRE. After you have done so be sure to add your clans tags by going to Tools>Options>My nickname and putting your new clan tags with a space followed by your username (e.g. |*|D.o.C|*| Yourname).

3.) Now simply go in game under multiplayer options and put on your new clan tags, since we are unable to fit our whole clan tag we just put DoC and the brackets will be placed automatically in game for you.

4.) Welcome to the clan, NOW GET YOUR FRAG ON BEUTCH !

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